My clients own and are intimately involved in their business. Sometimes they arrive excited about a new venture; sometimes they carry the burden of a distressing situation; often they are somewhere between these two poles. They all expect something more than cookie-cutter legal solutions or strategies. They all want their lawyer to care that they and their businesses succeed.


I always start by listening to my client. I want to know not only why the client has called, but also their ideas, values, and goals. Only then will I bring my skills to fashion something that suits both them and their immediate need.


I have helped people from the start to the end their businesses. We have walked through simple and complex decision-making processes. We have formed corporations and limited liability companies. We have bought and sold businesses, created complex general partnerships, resolved partnership and property disputes, and negotiated contracts. We have worked together on many issues including commercial leases, construction, employment and independent contractors, and non-disclosure and confidentiality. In every instance, I have worked hard to find solutions that help the business move forward quickly and successfully.

Who I Am

Jeff Wong has over 30 years of experience helping businesses address their legal issues. He is admitted to practice in California and before selected Federal courts. He holds a Martindale-Hubble BV rating for professionalism and ethics. He earned his law degree with honors from Santa Clara Law School in 1983, and his undergraduate degree from Westmont College in 1977.


Do you offer a free consultation? If you are new to us, we are happy to introduce ourselves to you in a free phone call. We hope that you will learn enough about us in that call to decide if we are the right professional for you. We use that conversation to see if our legal practice is suitable for your needs.


 - Please understand that the free phone call serves a limited purpose. The conversation is designed only to give us each a chance to decide if we are a good fit. Just because we talk will not make your our client. We also will not be giving you legal advice because we only give legal advice to people who become our clients (see the next FAQ).



How does someone become a client? To become our client, we first need to make sure that we can and should take your case. If we can--and you want to hire us--we will send you a written fee agreement. If you sign and return that agreement, together with the retainer that we require, we will begin representing you. In an emergency, we may be able to accommodate you  with a quicker procedure



How much will it cost? Legal problems come in all sizes, and the cost to handle them varies with the time it takes to address the complexities. We bill by the hour for most of our work. Depending on the job, you will incur other expenses, like filing fees, delivery charges, or the cost to hire experts. We offer a few services (like a simple incorporation) for a flat-fee charge. We do not take any cases on a contingency. We are happy to discuss our fees with you during our free phone call.



How long will it take to address my need? It varies a lot in the type of work we do. While we usually can produce what you need quickly, legal work usually involves someone else. You may be dealing with someone whose strategic or tactical goals are served by delay. Legal timelines or governmental backlogs may also affect the timeline.



Do you have a privacy policy for this website? Yes. See the page entitled "Privacy Policy".

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